Our mission is to build a society that accepts and respects the diverse values of the world by deepening mutual understanding through business exchange.

The word “farul” means “the lighthouse” in Romanian language, and has been a beacon of light since 2000 years ago, guiding ships navigating the seas of the world. We named it after our desire to back up everyone who goes out to ocean named the world.

Based on our long experience in this field, we act as advisors to Japanese and non-Japanese companies, especially food and alcoholic beverage producers, and event planning companies, providing support for smooth transactions between Japanese and foreign companies, as well as new product development, sales channel development, and web marketing in domestic and foreign markets.

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Corporate Name : FARUL INC. (Japanese : ファルール株式会社)

Representative Director : Naoko Tamura (Japanese Biography)

Business Description :

  1. Planning, development, production, manufacturing, sales, import/export, and mediation of food products, alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, and various other products.
  2. Consulting services related to product development, import/export, related laws and regulations, and sales channel development for foods, alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, and other products.
  3. Various consulting services.
  4. Sales, market research, and import/export agency services.
  5. Planning and production of promotion, branding, and sales promotion related to products, regions, organizations, and human resources.
  6. Coordination of various businesses.
  7. Planning, holding, operation and management of various seminars and events, etc.
  8. Dispatch of lecturers for seminars and other personnel dispatch services.
  9. Planning, production, and photography of various photographs, videos, etc.
  10. Planning, production, provision, sales, distribution, and operation and management of websites, web content, and other services using the Internet.
  11. Mail order business using the Internet and other communications.
  12. All business incidental or related to the above items.

Date of Establishment : 9th April 2021

Head Office :
Precious Nihonbashi Hamacho #702,
1-10-9, Nihonbashi-Hamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0007, Japan

Capital : 3 million yen

Correspondent banks : MUFG Bank, Ltd. , SBI Sumishin Net Bank, Ltd.